Appointments with Dr. Werger

All new patients must be referred by a written letter from your physician and faxed to Dr. Werger. Appointments are given by return fax. We do have a long waiting list but you can request for a sooner appointment if one came available and calling frequently to check for cancellations. Urgent referrals require a telephone call from your doctor to Dr. Werger directly explaining the urgency. Patients are free to make their own follow-up appointment based on availability, but if the appointment is for a new problem or the patient hasn’t been seen for 1 year, a new referral is required. Urgent follow-up appointments are not always available and you may be referred back to your family doctor to see you until an appointment is available to see Dr. Werger. Reminder calls are made by our automated system and those not confirmed are subject to cancellation. A fee is charged for all missed appointments without 2 full business days notice as outlined in our Non-OHIP fee schedule. You must show your health card at every visit. Please allow 60-90 minutes for your appointment and you must arrive on time or you may not be seen.



Dr. Werger performs all his surgery at the Markham Stouffville Hospital. No surgery is booked or reserved without being first seen by the doctor. Children are always done in order of age first before adults and the time of surgery booked is subject to change and the office will advise the final time. Cancellation for non-medical reason by the patient is subject to a fee as outlined in our Non-OHIP fee schedule.


Hearing Tests

Hearing tests can be arranged directly with Markham Hearing Centre  in our suite with a written referral. This is covered by OHIP. If you do not need to see Dr. Werger, this is a faster route. A report is sent back to your doctor. Dr. Werger has an audiologist available to do testing while he is in the office, so if you have an appointment with him, testing can be done at the same time.


Results of Tests

All test results done by Dr. Werger will be provided at your next appointment. No results will be given by phone. Please book a follow-up appointment to discuss your results.


Prescriptions and repeats

New prescriptions will be given by Dr. Werger when required at your visit with appropriate number of repeats

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. Medications prescribed by other physicians will not be repeated by Dr. Werger. Refills will be given by fax request if you have been seen within the last 6 months and Dr. Werger feels it is required. Antibiotics will not be renewed or prescribed without being seen.


Notes/Forms for work or insurance

Dr. Werger will write note and fill out forms as needed by your work and employers for missed work when he has been supervising your care and recommended time off only. There may be a charge for the form as per out Non-OHIP fee schedule.


Payments in office

All payments for non-OHIP services are required in advance of the service. You may pay by Visa, Mastercard, Debit or Cash.


Copy of Chart

A written signed request is needed to obtain any or all of your chart. A fee will apply. Older Archived charts will have an additional fee of $75 for retrieval. An exact costing can be provided in advance if requested.